Ranch House Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

The bathroom is the one room in your house where you can go to shut out the rest of the world and pamper yourself. If you live in a rural area it may mean you have a unique sense of style and would like to accommodate that style into your home.  A farmhouse can carry all sorts of charm and love if you decorate it right.  You can literally soak away the day and revitalize yourself. But, you need the bathroom of your dreams to make it work. When considering a bathroom remodel, this investment will pay you back many times over. You will see a 80-90% return on your investment in equity alone( that does not count the personal satisfaction you get every time you step into that glorious shower or soak in your whirlpool tub). A bathroom remodel is a win-win endeavor.  That will send you running til the cows come how

Planning Your Project: The Perfect Farm House Bathroom Décor

You must sit down and come up with a budget first. This will help determine whether you can do a total overhaul of your current bathroom, add to your current bathroom by knocking down some walls or if you can only afford a ‘surface renovation’, meaning the basics such as new fixtures, cabinets and flooring. In the total overhaul of your current bathroom, you can rearrange the layout by moving the tub, shower, toilet and sink to create a better flow. This may involve taking down walls to make more room for that whirlpool tub or double sinks, whatever the need.  If it is a surface renovation, you won’t be moving anything, you will be resurfacing or replacing fixtures with newer models and you might consider retiling the shower and floors.  Adding to your existing bathroom usually involves leaving the shower, tub, toilet and sink where they are, but expanding areas by knocking down some walls.  If you are looking for the best room additions our friends in Texas can help you out.  This gives you the room to enlarge your shower or change to a whirlpool tub, as they take up more room. The overall layout of the bathroom remains the same, but the increased space can totally change the look and feel of the room. I recommend you sit down with a remodeling contractor, someone that can help you determine the feasibility of the changes you want to make and advise you about the cost and materials needed.

Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Farm House Bathroom

Now that you have decided on the specifics of the bathroom remodeling project, there are several things you’re going to need to plan for before work can even begin:

  1. The budget– very few bathroom remodels go without a hitch, especially if you live in an old home. You must be prepared for and budget for the unexpected. If you don’t and a problem does arise, you will likely lose one of the costly items on your list of must haves. Murphy’s Law seems to plague most remodeling jobs in bathrooms. Think about it, you are dealing with plumbing, electrical and structural issues. Plan for them, it will make life a lot easier as the job progresses.  Decorating a farm can be rather difficult if you live far from people.
  2. Designing To Meet Your Needs- make a list of ‘must haves’, not just the luxury items. If you are faced with an issue concerning budgetary restraints or structural mishaps, turn to your list to decide what must be included in the space and what you are willing to let go of if the need arises.
  3. The materials to be used- sit down with your home remodeling Philadelphia  professional and discuss what materials you want included. This ranges from choosing the color, design and type of materials that are used. You have to think about the countertops, the type of toilet you want, the bathtub, shower, sink and flooring. You need to make the final decision based on your wish list and your budget. Don’t leave this to anyone else because you are the one that has to live with it when it is done.

For more information on designing and decorating the perfect farm house give our friends a call.