New Brands Are In

We have some great new brands that just came into the shop. First off, we are proud to offer American Dakota products from Southwestern Rugs Depot.  All of their rugs are made in the USA.  They’re a really awesome company

and we’re proud to be able to add them to our line-up. You can follow them online on their Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  They have over 100 different products are they are all really great, especially if you’re into western or southwestern style.  Of course, we’re not able to carry all of their products, but we have their catalog in the shop so if you find a specific rug american dakota rugthat you’re really interested in then we can special order it for you.  We can also extend some of the discounts that we receive along to you so that you can take advantage of the deals that we are able to secure as retailers.  They are also a really socially conscious company and we love the way that they put customers before business in every single conversation we’ve had with them over the years. Come on in and check out some of our new rugs. We know you won’t be disappointed.