Must Have Western Decorations


A western home decoration can add warm and familiar feelings to any room, as the old west can make anyone feel nostalgic and like they are in a western movie. Here’s a few western themed home decorations that you must have to deck out your western-themed home or cabin.
Wood and Leather Furniture
This is a basic must-have item to have the best western decoration, as a nice western furniture can make a huge difference when you are redecorating your home. The western furniture is solid, and it is usually made of wood and brown/neutral colored or natural leather, and they help to have a familiar room and provide a place where you can be reunited with your family and friends.
The wooden furniture will be adding some character to the house, as can have western motives carved on its surface, and as this kind of furniture is really strong, you will be enjoying it for a really long time.
Western Area Rugs
There are plenty of cowhide rug or rugs with a western design, as they not only help to give a western look to all the place, and there is a huge variety of western area rugs design, for example, with a wagon theme or a cowboy boots design on it.
Longhorn Skull & Mounted Deer Head
This is one of the main decorations that you should get, as you can have a real longhorn skull mount or simply a replica if you want, because if there’s one decoration item that screams “western” is a longhorn skull mount, as is a big part of the western culture and will help to define your decoration theme.
But in some rooms the mounted longhorn skull will not look well, so you can use a mounted deer head instead, and you can use a fake deer head to get the feeling, so no animal will be hurt and you can enjoy a totally western home.
Western Paintings and Pictures
The western culture is very rich in traditions and activities, so having a beautiful painting that reflects all the spirit of the western life will be a great addition to any room of the house, and the same happen with pictures, as you can have a wooden framed picture of the Alamo or any other western related area as a wall centerpiece, and this will add a lot to the general western spirit that you are trying to create with this decoration.
Western Themed Dinnerware
You can find a lot of interesting dinnerware items with a western design on it, from the Texas star or map to cows, horses, landscapes, and patterns related to the western culture, so you will be adding a magic and important little detail to you western themed decoration.