Home Cleaning and OCD

Show me how you live, and I will show you who you are.  I am not sure if this is commonly used, but if it is I would not accept it!  Sometimes décor at home is situational.  However important it is to have a subjectively appropriate home décor there are factors that simply cannot be avoided.

We have a cat at home.  I don’t know why.  We have always had a cat.  Ever since I was eight years old and my father brought us a kitten we have maintained that member of the family.  Sure our first cat, D.J., fell ill and we could not afford medicine to sustain her life.  But after she was put to sleep and cremated we adopted another cat.  With our luck both cats are shedders.

I am a clean man.  I care about my appearance, and I care about being neat.  Owning a cat has completely overruled the layout of furnishings in our home, and I have never been a fan.  For example, getting home after working two jobs over fourteen hours should be filled with jubilation; you arrive at home, kick the shoes off, walk into your room and put your phone to charge while you plop on the couch to watch Jeopardy.  NOT I.  When I get home I have to put in work to relax.

Simply entering my room requires the removal of the laundry hamper.  Why is this there?  First, there is limited space because of the head of household is an emotional hoarder, and second because if that cat gets in my room there will be cat hair everywhere.  No thank you.

For me to just plop on the couch is no easy task either.  There have to be items resting on the couch in defense of the cat resting there and covering it with hair.  If she does and I sit there, then that stays on my clothes, and that transfers to every other material I touch.

Yes this short response may appear to focus on having a cat more than décor, but the moral of the story is; if one has to live through a cluttered home that requires playing Tetris to complete simple tasks or to enter and exit a space that person is more times than not very uncomfortable.